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U.S. Life Expectancy Trends

Associated Press (December 8, 2016)

This article and video first published by the AP and then reported by numerous other outlets covers a CDC report finding that life expectancy declined in the US between 2014-2015. I provide some comments about the overall trends…

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U.S. Women’s Life Expectancy Trends

New York Times (May 30, 2013)

This article in the NY Times covered a study I conducted with  Anna Zajacova in which we reported that trends in life expectancy among lower-educated U.S. women are not keeping pace with their higher-educated peers partly because these two groups of women have become quite different in their smoking behavior and employment rates.

Read the article: NY Times Education Mortality Gap

CNN (February 26, 2013)

In this 5-minute interview on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, I discuss the troubling trends in life expectancy among lower-educated U.S. women.

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The American Prospect (September 3, 2013)

Citing my research with Anna Zajacova, this article illustrates how the lives of many poor and/or lower-educated women have changed in the last several decades, and the implications for their life expectancy.

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BBC World Service (May 10, 2016)

In this hour-long program “What’s Killing White American Women” on The BBC World Service-The Inquity, I and three other U.S. researchers talk with host James Fletcher about the troubling trends in U.S. women’s life expectancy.

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How U.S. States Shape Life Expectancy        

New York Times (August 22, 2016)

This article in the NY Times covered a study I conducted with Anna Zajacova and Mark D. Hayward, in which we reported that U.S. states’ policies (e.g., taxation) and contexts (e.g., income inequality) seem to have more serious consequences for women’s than men’s risk of death.

Read the NY Times article: NY Times U.S. States and Adult Mortality

Read the full study: Montez Zajacova Hayward 2016

National Public Radio (June 9, 2014)

In this hour-long program on the Sound of Ideas, Dan Buettner (author of The Blue Zones) and I talk with host Mike McIntyre about how where people live influences how long they live.

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